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Baba Ghannouj (vegetarian)  <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($3.99)
Nour’s take on this creamy dip combines smoky, flame-grilled eggplant, olive oil, tahini, pomegranate molasses, walnuts and garlic.
Laban be Khyar (vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($1.99)
This cool and creamy yogurt sauce is made of yogurt, cucumber, mint and garlic.
Tabbouleh (vegan – vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($4.99)
A staple salad at Syrian restaurants, this colorful dish is made with the freshest ingredients, bringing springtime to any table. Finely chopped parsley, tomato and bulgur are dressed with lemon and the best olive oil.
Fattoush salad (vegan – vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($3.99)
A robust, fresh-tasting salad made of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, green onions, parsley, mint and purslane in a garlicky lemon dressing. Topped with crunchy pita.
Ful Medames (vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($5.99)
Ful medames is a traditional savory breakfast dish with fava beans. In Syria it’s typically eaten as a refreshing, light bean salad with fresh tomatoes, lemon juice, pomegranate molasses, olive oil, parsley and garlic. Served with warm saj...
Falafel (vegan – vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($5.99)
Falafel is a delicious appetizer dish of spiced mashed chickpeas mixed with onions, garlic and herbs, formed into doughnut shapes and deep-fried. Served with saj bread, yogurt with tahini, fresh vegetables and pickles.
Muhammara (vegan – vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($3.99)
Muhammara is a delicious, lightly spicy dip. It’s made with red bell peppers, walnuts, olive oil, garlic, pomegranate molasses and bread crumbs.
Yalanji (stuffed grape leaves) (vegan – vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($5.99)
Grape leaves stuffed with rice, onion, olive oil, tomatoes, parsley, dried mint, garlic, pomegranate molasses, lemon juice and Arabic coffee, then rolled and cooked in a tangy olive-oil based sauce. Served cold as an appetizer.
Fattet Hummus (vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($6.99)
This delicious, festive breakfast dish is made of chickpeas, hummus, lemon juice, crunchy pita bread and ghee, then topped with pine nuts.
Moussaka (vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($6.99)
Nour’s delicious, vegetarian version of moussaka is made with deep-fried eggplant, onion, garlic and tomato.
Sambousek ($3.99)
Sambousek is a savoury stuffed pastry filled with meat (beef/chicken) or cheese and fried until golden.
Ouzi ($6.99)
Ouzi is a traditional dish made of lamb, peas, almonds, ghee and rice pilaf wrapped in phyllo pastry. Served with Laban be Khyar.
MAQLUBA ($9.99)
Maqluba is a traditional dish served throughout the Levant. It includes ground beef, rice, oil, spices and fried eggplants layered in a pot and then flipped upside down when served. Served with Laban be Khyar.
Mandi ($9.99)
Chicken Mandi is a smoky roast chicken and rice dish that is made out of rice, chicken, oil and spices, then topped with almonds. Served with salad.
Mahashi ($10.99)
Cored vegetables (your choice of zucchini, eggplant and/or fresh green and red pepper) stuffed with minced beef meat, rice and cumin. They’re cooked over your choice of beef or lamb chops with water, tomato paste, mint, garlic and lemon juice...
Kebab Hindi ($9.99)
Despite its name, kebab hindi is original to the Levant area. These flavourful kebabs are made from wholesome, fresh ingredients (tomato, onion, green pepper and your choice of beef or lamb) topped with pine nuts. Served with rice.
Yabrak ($11.99)
Grape leaves stuffed with ground meat (beef or lamb) and rice, then gently steamed over your choice of beef or lamb chops.
Fasolia bel lahma ($8.99)
A classic side dish, green beans are slowly simmered in tomatoes, warm spices, chopped lamb and ghee. Served with rice.
Fasolia bel zait (vegan – vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($6.99)
This is a classic vegetarian side dish of green beans slowly simmered with tomatoes, olive oil, onion and garlic.
Fasolia Arida ($10.99)
Jumbo lima beans with meat is a warming, classic dish. The beans and chopped lamb are cooked in a tomato sauce with onions and ghee and served with rice.
Sabanikh be Lahma ($8.99)
A light, healthy dish made with chopped lamb; ghee, spinach, garlic and fresh coriander. Served with fresh lemon and rice.
Sabanikh be zait (vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($6.99)
Light, healthy, vegetarian dish with olive oil, ghee, garlic and fresh coriander.
Shakriya ($10.99)
Shakriya is a cooked yogurt dish that’s served warm. Nour makes it with yogurt, egg, cornstarch and boiled chopped lamb. Served with rice.
Kosa be laban ($11.99)
A delicious, warm yogurt dish made of yogurt, egg, cornstarch, and zucchini stuffed with ground beef and pine nuts. Served with rice.
Shish Barak ($11.99)
Shish Barak is a traditional Syrian dish made of tiny ground beef dumplings cooked in a plain yogurt and egg-based stew. Shish Barak has an intriguing taste due to the flavours of the yogurt, coriander, and garlic.
Faarouj wa batata bel Sayniyyeh ($10.45)
A traditional dish of baked chicken and potato. Chicken is roasted on a bed of sliced potatoes with lots of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and spices. Served with fresh salad and pita bread.
Patata be kizbara(vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr> ($6.99)
Fried potato cups with olive oil, garlic, coriander and paprika.
Lahma be Saniyyah ($10.99)
Oven-roasted ground beef with tomato, onion, spices and dried coriander. One of the most popular chicken dishes in Syria.
Mjaddara (vegan – vegetarian) <abbr title="Vegetarian" class="vegetarianicon">Ⓥ</abbr>($4.99)
Simplicity at its best! Lentil and bulgur cooked and garnished with crunchy onion. Mjaddara is a very old vegetarian dish. Traditionally, many Syrians used to have it at big gatherings, especially in public.
Jidi be Zait ($12.99)
A slow-cooked dish and gastropub favorite, this is a braised stew of lamb shanks with lemon, garlic, olive oil and parsley. Served with saj bread
Molokhia ($8.99)
Molokhia is a delicious and nutritious dish. This dish is very popular in the Middle East. It’s made from dried Molokhia leaves (Corchorus olitorius, commonly known as Nalta jute, tossa jute, and Jew’s mallow), your choice of lamb or beef...
Basbousa ($2.99)
Basbousa is a traditional dessert made of milk, semolina and coconut, soaked in sweet syrup and topped with almonds.
Mahlaya Shamya ($4.99)
Mahlaya Shamya is one of the most famous sweets in the Levant, characterized by its delicious taste and nutritional benefits. It’s made of fresh milk, cornstarch, sugar, orange blossom water and vanilla, topped with sliced pistachios, almonds and...

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