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Delicious food from Damascus

Nour Albaaor is the Owner and CEO of JASMINE KITCHEN Inc.

My name is Nour, and I’m from Damascus, the fabled city of jasmine. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world and a cultural center of the Levant and the Arab world that’s famous for its cuisine. Growing up in Syria, I had a perfect life. Born into a lower-middle-class family, we owned our own car and home. I was happily living in Damascus with my husband and two daughters when, in 2011, the war began.

By 2012, the situation had become unbearable, with people dying and our beloved country destroyed. So my husband and I left everything behind: families, home, community, history, hopes, and dreams. We took only our memories and moved to Turkey as penniless refugees.

Meanwhile, my husband’s friend living in Canada suggested that my husband, my daughters and I apply for refugee status. More than two years later, in September 2016, we arrived in Toronto.

Despite my new life in Canada, I am still devastated over the destruction of my beloved Syria, and having to restart my life from scratch twice.

To put this behind me, I am focusing on my passion for cooking and starting my business in Canada, where my family is safe and happy, including my son, who was recently born here. It’s the nicest society in the world, a country that helps refugees and newcomers. Being here for the last two years has helped restore my faith in humanity, that people can have good intentions, that I have a lot to be grateful for, that perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am thrilled to start our new life here and support my Syrian family, and I will strive for the rest of my life to give back to this great society.

We as a family believe in the diversity in this country and are committed to democracy, equality and mutual respect. These qualities are what makes Canada unique and great! We hope to create a better world.

Jasmine Kitchen will bring you delicious dishes from Damascus. Classic, homestyle Syrian food: Made with Love, Made with Passion